Providing Latest Blockchain Solutions & Empowers Companies

With responsible wealth generation our top priority, Grace Intelligent Blockchain Technology provides the latest blockchain solutions and empowers companies to join the revolution in distributed systems that is blowing away legacy monetary systems and creating a new order. Join us or get left in the blockchain dust!

Our approach is a holistic one: we help our clients with everything from forming companies, finding funding, evolving their concepts, writing and publishing white papers, building the hardware and software, and marketing. Everything, in other words, that a company needs to take an idea from the back of an envelope to world-changing application.


Global First ISO 27001 Certification for Crypto Company


Ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of digital currency transactions are properly protected.


Information security management process standardization and documentation, improve internal cognition and effective management.


Ensure the company's internal control procedures comply with the internationally recognized information security management system to enhance corporate image and competitiveness.


Continuing to operate and improve in the enterprise process according to the spirit of Plan-Do-Check-Action, to cope with the rapid technological changes and the world trend.


International Certified GIB wins BSI "Information Security Protection Award"

The GIB technical team's contribution to information security has been recognized by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and has been awarded the "Information Security Protection Award" after achieving the ISO27001 certification. BSI is an internationally recognized third-party certification body. Under the strict review of the organization, the GIB security level not only meets the government's norms, but also reaches the international level.

High-efficient and Rigorous Defense Architecture

GIB uses seven layers of multi-layer security protection, as well as the industry leading brand Sophos UTM security system, including firewall, IPS / IDS, WAF, VPN and other modules to achieve multifunctional protection.

Create Innovative Applications with Blockchain Technology

GIB has the strength to create an efficient and safe public blockchains. Despite The Information Security challenges faced by blockchain technology, GIB provides our customers with the safest backing with the experience and ability in managing customer assets.

Group Introduction & Team Leaders

The members of the blockchain core team have solid financial, IT technology and blockchain backgrounds. They all come from sales and investment institutions, digital assets fields, and have a lot of years of experience in platform operation and system development.

What’s more, the team also had participated in the creation of a number of blockchain digital assets and digital asset trading platforms. It is a professional, creative and efficient core team. The team includes a number of senior technical experts: former chief architect of Microsoft Technology Center, former senior manager of Microsoft Greater China Technical Services Department, former senior consultant of Microsoft Financial Services, and led the global blockchain technical expert team including Taiwan and Malaysia Software Development Center.

Dato Sri Ken Ng


Owner of Grace Generation Group and Glory Group, and has more than 30 enterprises in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and other places.

Thomas Hsu


SQL Compete Win Award 2007, Microsoft Gold Award 2010, TECHREADY IMPACT AWARD 2014, Microsoft 15 Key Awards 2004~2015